Welcome to Care Angels (Batly) Ltd. Care Angels (Batly) Ltd aims to provide care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves. We provide our service in your own home, at times convenient to you, and in ways you find most agreeable. We have sound principles for the way we run our service. Central to these is our belief that the rights and choices of service users are paramount. Care Angels (Batly) Ltd strives to ensure that all service users’ receive a personalised service. Call today to so we can find a Care Angel for you.

We aim to maintain continuity in relation to the care worker and the service user, therefore building up a relationship of reliability, trust and often friendship.

Care Angels Batley Ltd ensures proper measures are in place to ensure that all information is kept safe and secure. As part of the Data Security Protection (DSP) Toolkit unannounced spot checks to random work areas are undertaken.

Under the Personal Confidential Data section of the DSP toolkit all staff ensure that personal confidential data is handled, stored, and transmitted securely, whether in electronic or paper form. Personal confidential data is only shared for lawful and appropriate purposes.

All archived documents are stored in a secure facility these services are contracted out by Care Angels Batley Ltd to ensure all Data Security Protection and Policies and Procedures are followed. Our Contractors also offer destruction of highly sensitive documents and provide certificates , once the data has been successfully destroyed, following Government guidance and Care Angels Batley Ltd’s Policies and Procedures.

Spot checks are carried out to confirm that staff are complying with the staff Confidentiality and Data Protection guidance of Care Angels (Batley) Ltd and the response includes details of any actions, who has approved the actions and who is taking them forward.

In line with the Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy and Procedure, there is guidance for staff on using and sharing personal information in accordance with data protection legislation, common law duties, and professional codes and national data opt-out operational policy guidance document, e.g. staff code of conduct, national data opt-out model operational policy guidance document and Data Protection Impact Assessment guidance etc.